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After being missing for almost two days, I found my cat Alaska hiding under our house unstable and disorientated. After wrangling her, clumsy and confused, I rushed her to the vet only to find she had been bitten by a venomous snake; these snakes are very common where we live. 

At the vet I was given an ultimatum: let her suffer and maybe recover, or receive an anti-venom. Alaska is five years old and she’s been a very dear companion to me, I have an amazing family who understands just how much she means to me and was willing to spend money they shouldn’t for her (rather costly) treatment. 

She is currently undergoing the anti-venom treatment and is (thankfully) recovering well. I want to show just how grateful I am to my parents for letting Alaska continue to stay by my side by seeing if anyone would be willing to donate (anything at all) for her treatment.

I’m not sure how people will perceive this, I’m just really glad that my cat’s going to recover and I feel I owe my parents something for this extremely generous act. 

Please go here to contribute, it will be eternally appreciated.

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